The Wroblewski Library of
the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

Žygimantų g. 1, LT-01102 Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone +370 5 262 95 37, E-mail

Holdings and User Service Department

Žygimantų St. 1,  LT-01102 Vilnius
+370 5 212 36 87

Birutė Pilipavičienė
Head of the Department

Functions: user services; holdings preseravtion.

Main holdings of the library include national and foreign titles of general scientific character (priority is given to the natural sciences and humanities). Every year about 25 000 documents are added.

User services

1 floor
+370 5 262 25 46
The readers' card could be obtained when the passport or equivalent document and a photo is presented and the readers form is filled.

Reading room

Reading room
2 floor, 18 room

Readers are served 
Mondays–Fridays 8.00–19.00  
Summer time –  8.00–17.00

There are 57 working places for readers, 9 of them - for working in internet.
Readers can make copies of documents.



Lending Services
1 floor, 10 room
+370 5 262 36 78 

Readers are served
Mondays–Fridays 8.00–19.00 
Summer time –  8.00–17.00

Lending services could be used by the full members of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (academicians), corresponding members, expert members, staff of the institutes of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, staff of former institutes of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, post-graduate students of institutes, mentioned above and persons possessing a personal permission of the director of the library.

Interlibrary Loan Services (ILL) 
Readers can order documents Mondays-Fridays 11.00-16.00
Eugenija Satkauskienė E-mail: