The Wroblewski Library of
the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

Žygimantų g. 1, LT-01102 Vilnius, Lithuania
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Acquisition Department

Žygimantų St. 1,  LT-01102 VilniusAcquisition department
+370 5 262 36 71, +370 5 262 97 68

Daiva Liudavičienė
Head of Department


  • acquisition of scientific literature and other information resources corresponding to the profile of the library;
  • maintenance of Reserve holdings.

In 1945 the structure of our library was replenished by the Department of Publications and in 1952-by Acquisition Section. Acquisition department was founded in 1960 and on the base of the group of foreign literature acquisition and exchange in 1977 Department of Foreign Acquisitions was founded.
On the 1 st of February, 2006 the Departments of Acquisition and Foreign Acquisition were joint into one department- Acquisition Department.

The main function of Acquisition Department – the acquisition of library holdings.
The department accumulates national and foreign scientific and information resources in various media, executes book exchange with scientific institutions and libraries of 50 countries all over the world. The department has the exchange holding where all publications for the exchange purposes are preserved. Reserve holding is being maintained and it helps to enrich the library holdings with valuable publications.